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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Bagpipes of Britain & Ireland

1. Maidrin Rua - The McPeake Family Trio
2. The Blackthorn Stick/Saddle The Pony - The McPeake Family Trio
3. Jaunita - The McPeake Family Trio
4. Mrs Mcleod's Reel - The McPeake Family Trio
5. The Lark In The Morning - The McPeake Family Trio
6. Pigeon On the Gate/Miss Monagham - The McPeake Family Trio
7. The Brown Thorn - The McPeake Family Trio
8. The Boyne Hunt - The McPeake Family Trio
9. The Dear Irish Boy - The McPeake Family Trio
10. The Irish Uilean Pipes: Rowsome's Slip Jig - The McPeake Family Trio
11. Lewis Proudlock's Hornpipe - Jack Armstrong
12. Peter Bailie's Pig - Jack Armstrong
13. Maggie's Feet - Jack Armstrong
14.  Maa Bonny Lad - Jack Armstrong
15.  Money Musk - Jack Armstrong
16. The Fair Flower Of Northumberland - Jack Armstrong
17. The Jeany Bell Polka - Jack Armstrong
18. Wild Hills O' Wannies - Jack Armstrong
19. Whittingham Green Lane/Ward's Brae - Jack Armstrong
20. The Redesdale - Jack Armstrong
21. The Lads Of Alnwik - Jack Armstrong
22. Bonny At Morn/Billy Boy/The Earl Of Derwentwater's Farewell - Jack Armstrong
23. Keel Row - Jack Armstrong
24. The Burning Sands Of Egypt - Alex Stewart
25. My Lodging Is On The Cold, Cold Ground - Alex Stewart
26. The De' Lil's I' The Kitchen/London Society - Alex Stewart
27.  Loch Duich - Alex Stewart
28. Manchester Hornpipe/Maggies Dickie's?De' Il Among The Tailors - Alex Stewart
29. Bonnie Annie/The Duke Of Roxburgh's - William Ross
30. By Loch Etive's Side/High Road To Gareloch - William Ross
31. Leaving Ardtornish/Port Askaig - William Ross
32. Duncan Macrae Of Kintail's Lament - William Ross

Irish Uilleann Pipes: 1-10,
Northumbrian Small-Pipes: 11-23
Scottish Highland Pipes: 24-32

Swing & Tears

In 1994, after three albums, SKOLVAN released "Swing & Tears" which was elected album of the year in France, in the United Kingdom and in Portugal.

1.Tears... (L'appel)
2.Boules et guirlandes
3.Bal plinn du vertige
4.Ton doubl plinn
5.Kalon intanvez
6.Gwerz Skolvan
7....and Swing
8.Son ar vot
9.Ronds de Saint Vincent sur Oust
10.La banane dans l'oreille
11.Les pecheurs

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Traditional Songs of Wales

with Siwsann George


1. Adar Mân y Mynydd (The Little Birds of the Mountain)
2. Y Gwcw Fach (Little Cuckoo)
3. Cân Merthyr (Merthyr Song)
4. A Miner’s Life
5. Blodau’r Flwyddyn (Flowers of the Year)
6. Hen Ferchetan (Old Maiden)
7. Hiraeth (Longing)
8. Cân y Cardi (The Cardiganshire Man’s Song)
9. Cainc yr Aradwr (The Ploughman’s Tune)
10. Titrwm Tatrwm
11. Yr Hen Wr Mwyn (The Dear Old Man)
12. Yr Eneth Gadd ei Gwrthod (The Rejected Maiden)
13. Bachgen Bach o Dincer (Little Tinker Lad)
14. Mae’r Ddaear yn Glasu (The Earth is Becoming Green)
15. Ar Fore Dydd Nadolig (On Christmas Morn), Clywch, Clywch (Hear, Hear)
16. Llangollen Market
17. Cân y Bugail (Song of the Goatherd)
18. Lisa Lân (Fair Lisa)
19. Marwnad yr Ehedydd (The Lark’s Elegy)
20. Llongau Caernarfon (The Ships of Caernarfon)
21. Yr Insiwrans Agent (The Insurance Agent)
22. Rhybudd i’r Carwr (Warning To the Lover)